About our residents

Guernsey Cheshire Home is very much a home but with nursing care. Far removed from the perception of a sterile hospital facility, we provide a range of services for adults with physical disabilities within the comfort of a relaxing and family environment.

Our residents make sure their home has a lively atmosphere. At their request we offer a wide range of activities, including arts and crafts, cooking, gardening and music. We hold events throughout the year at the home, such as exhibitions and musical entertainment, where we invite local people to join in the fun.

Our fully trained staff work hard to ensure that everybody is happy and comfortable in their home. We support our residents to be independent and to take part in community activities as they wish. All our residents can decorate their rooms however they wish and have access to come and go as they please. This independence means they can contribute to society and enjoy the freedom a hospital type facility could never provide. 

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